How to Choose Best Players in Dream11?

Hello and, welcome back to Fantasy Empire 11. Today we will learn how to choose best players in Dream11? We will study the best way to differentiate between different players.

The Best Way To Choose Players In Dream11 Are:


It is important to understand the basic ideology behind winning contests in Dream11 or any other fantasy sports platform which is the team with the maximum fantasy points wins. Performing well in a match is not always equivalent to being a good pick in a fantasy team also.

In cricket’s fantasy point system, there are different ways to score fantasy points for players which are – scoring runs for batsman which includes different bonus points for strike rate, boundaries, and milestones, and taking wickets for bowlers which again includes some bonus points like getting a batsman LBW or clean bowled and economy points also.

Fielding points is a section often ignored by fantasy users which is a big mistake because it can indeed be the difference maker in close contests, and grand leagues. Catching, stumping [ for WKs ], and runouts are included in this.

Now, let’s move on to the pitch conditions which form the base of our team-making.

2. Pitch Conditions

All the pitches in different grounds in cricket behave differently and favor different kinds of players. Before making the teams we make a general assumption of how the pitch is going to behave on the basis of previous matches at the same venue.

Pitches can be batting-friendly, spin-friendly, or pace friendly.

Experienced people can tell pitch behavior by just looking at the pitch. A pitch covered with grass is a great assist for pace bowlers while a flat wicket can lead to the rain of sixes and we have to accordingly select our team.

Now we will take a deep look at different players, things to be considered while choosing them, and more.


How to Choose Best Players in Dream11?

People look at wicketkeepers only from a batting point of view which isn’t fair because of the involvement of the keeper in every single ball in bowling. Bowler-friendly wickets or teams having great bowling attacks make keepers more important.

For example, 3 catches and 1 runout can be more than scoring 30 runs in a match. These numbers usually go higher in certain matches. This acquires even greater importance in test cricket.

So if you are facing confusion in choosing one between batsman or wicketkeeper then according to the pitch which is explained above you can easily select based on their involvement in fielding too.


While choosing the batsman, beginners usually make the mistake of choosing their favorite players rather than going on stats, analysis, etc.

The most important thing is the batting order of the batsman as the earlier he comes, the more balls he faces and the more runs he can score. Due to this reason, openers and 1 down batsman become most important for our teams.

The venue stats in previous matches at the same ground, head-to-head stats, and player matchups against the bowlers in the opponent team are the deeper stats we dive into while making teams.

Some batsman are great fielders as well as batsman . Players like Faf Du Plessis and Virat Kohli not only give you runs from the bat but also could be seen in long on and long off where they give some extra bonus points by catches or even runouts and become more important.

There are basically two types of batsmen.

  • Attacking batsman or hard-hitting batsman
  • The other one who plays with a low strike rate first and then changes its gears.

Now attacking batsman or hard-hitting batsman are more inconsistent like Finn Alenn, Phil Salt, etc, and often gave their wickets early and the others are more consistent and plays with low strike first like Virat Kohli, Faf du Plessis, and KL Rahul.


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To your surprise, this is the most important and game-changing section in fantasy. As explained above you need maximum points to win. A batsman will give you batting points, a bowler will give you bowling points BUT an all-rounder will give you both. It is also generally seen all-rounders make the best contribution in fielding. All-rounders dominate a huge percentage of the world’s best fielders. Hardik Pandya, Jadeja, and Ben Stokes are the best examples.

Due to the above reasons when choosing the captain, or vice-captain of the team, all-rounders can be the best consideration. An all-rounder never goes a ‘WASTE PICK ‘ because there are rare chances he fails both with the bat and ball.

Still batting position in batting and average no. of overs bowled per match as a bowler are important when choosing these wizards.


Bowling is last but not the least section while making our teams. Just 1 wicket gives us 25 fantasy points which will become 33 in case of an LBW or bowled due to 8 bonus points.

When choosing the bowlers, the type of pitch and the time during which they bowl are the most important things to be considered.

Death bowlers are by far the most important in this section. They become even more important in 1st innings. Similarly, 2nd innings spinners also become important due to the pressure on batsmen.

While making 50-50 calls in bowlers we can consider their contribution from the bat in case of a batting collapse. For example, if you are confused between T Mills and Chris Jordan in England’s match you can prefer Chris Jordan.

It is very important to understand we need to take wicket-taking bowlers in our team to win. An expensive bowler who took a wicket is much better than a wicketless economical bowler.

We hope you liked our information and will make the best use of it in the future. If you would like to add something do leave a comment.