How to earn money in dream11?

As we all know, The craze of dream11 is kept on increasing day by day and dream11 have 160 million active users till December 2022. With this number, we can clearly notice that the scope of earning money in dream11 also kept on increasing.

Dream11 is a source of earning for many people and the only source of earning also. You can also become one by knowing some of the simple things while investing money in dream11.

Today we will come to know how we can make money from Dream11.

Here are some of the simple points we must keep in mind while making your dream11 teams.

  1. Never invest all your money in one match

Even if you are fully confident in any particular match after doing proper research never ever invest your whole money or most of the money in one particular match. Always diversify your investment in different matches.

You have to know that at the last the players have to play the match and every player has his good or bad day. Even if you have done proper research the player’s luck sometimes does not favor them and with this if he fails to perform you can lose your whole money in a single match.

In a day always play 2-3 matches and the advantages of playing more matches are that even if you win any 2 matches then you will be in good profit and even if you win 1 match out of 3 you will get your investment back.

We all know that one can never win each and every match and also can never lose each and every match. So always diversify your investment in different matches by doing research.

So never ever invest your whole or most money in a single match in any case.

  1. Prefer the small league more than the grand league

You should always prefer playing small leagues more than the grand leagues.

Small leagues are the most preferred leagues like 3-member leagues and 4-member leagues as the chances of winning more money and making huge profits are the key factor of the small league.

The number of users are very less like 3 or 4 users in every Contest and by paying fewer entry fees you can win a good amount of money.

In the grand league, the number of users also increases and the prize pool also enhances which generally gives you your investment back because in grand leagues mostly the top 10 or top 20 users will get the huge money, and the rest of the users get the small winning amount and mostly the investment back only.

By investing in grand leagues you can never make regular profits and cannot make regular money from Dream11.

So always prefer small league while investing and avoid grand league.

  1. Proper research and analysis of every player

Before investing in any match you should always do proper research on the team and analysis of each and every player so that you can easily make different decisions.

The research and analysis include:

  • Stats of each and every player.
  • Analysis of pitch and knowing pitch report.
  • Knowing the death bowlers of both teams.
  • Knowing the player’s technique according to different pitches.
  • Knowing the weather forecast.

These are the 5 basic points that you should research and analyze for every particular match in which you want to invest.

  1. Choosing multiple role players

Selecting between the players is the most difficult task in creating the team and everyone has confusion in selecting the players.

Always prefer multiple role players in your team like the player which has the caliber to perform both with bat and bowl as they are never out of the game. They always fetch points from different roles.

A batsman offers runs and after his wicket, he can’t give you more points, and the same in the case of bowlers but selecting more all-rounders will give you an extra advantage as they can bat and can bowl.

Multi-dimensional players like Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, and Ben stokes are always key picks in your fantasy teams.

  1. Never play a Single contest

Now we have to keep one thing in mind we should never play a Single contest or a 2-3 contest. Always plays multiple numbers of the contest so that your chances of winning are kept on increasing.

Dream11 is a totally opponent-based game and if your opponent has the best players then it is obvious that you lose that contest but it’s not possible that in every Contest we will face that same opponent. Every opponent has a different mindset and strategy.

So always prefer playing multiple contests like a minimum of 4-5 in every match and if you have more money then you should avoid playing high entry fee contests, rather than that you should prefer low entry fee contests multiple times.

So to earn money and for making profits in dream11 you should always play more no. Of contests with low entry fees than a limited number of contests with high entry fees.

  1. Always join contests with different team

Dream11 generally functions in the way that team that you created while joining the contest is totally checked by dream11 and the opponent provided to you will also have that same kind of player in his team so if you lose the points margin will be less.

In this way, dream11 always thought that the user should keep playing and if the points margin is less then the user automatically feels motivated to play further and to beat the other user to earn money.

Simply, if the points difference is more than the users will feel that winning in dream11 or making money in dream11 is a difficult job.

So you should always create a dummy team so that you get opponents according to that team and after that, you can easily edit your team to take advantage.

No one follows this often, but you should try this and after that, you will automatically come to know that this is very true and this will increase the chances of winning your particular contest and help you in earning money.

  1. Target late-night matches

Most of users always prefer evening time matches as they are free at that time but you need to play late-night matches as the chances of winning in that matches are very high.

At night the grand league is also empty and we can even create multiple teams and should participate in grand leagues as the competition in late-night matches is very low and most of the users joined the contest early by creating demo teams and then at night they fall asleep or may forget to edit their teams.

This happens mostly with me too as the users have players who are not playing and the winning chances are very high not only in the small leagues but also in the grand leagues.

In the evening you need to do proper research and planning for any one particular late-night match and then you can easily win money on that match as no one focuses on that particular match.

While playing late-night matches you must have to join the contest in the daytime. Never join a contest at night.

So these are the basic things you need to know if you want to earn money from Dream11.

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