How to Make Winning Team In Dream11?

Most people generally face loss in dream11 because of their strategy of creating the team. Creating a team is not just choosing 11 players, a lot of things have to be kept in mind so that we can earn money in dream11.

In the early stages, I too make a loss in dream11 because we don’t have a clue about making the teams. Then after getting experience and playing regularly, I came to know about basic things that we must know while creating a team to get the best results.

Here I m going to share the basic things that we have to keep in mind having creating the dream11 teams with which you can also earn huge money from dream11 with your own knowledge.

Every sport has its own way of creating a team depending on the different factors. Here we are going to discuss the strategy of making a team in cricket.

basic things to keep in mind while creating teams.

1. toss

Toss is the most important factor while creating any team. This is the most underrated factor that no one takes care of while creating the team. The toss will be the main difference creator between you and your opponent’s points if you have knowledge of how this works. So toss helps us in deciding how to select the best players in your team.

Never ever leave the death bowler of the team who is bowling first in the match because there are chances of that specific bowler of getting wickets because at the end of the first inning, all the batters want to maximize the scoreboard due to which they almost try to hit every single bowl in the boundary and with this the chances of miss hit also increases which results in falling off the wickets and bowlers getting points every time.

Then, always prefer the spinner or the spin bowler of the team who is bowling in the second inning because the batsman batting in the second inning is under the pressure of chasing the runs, and with this, they try to hit boundaries and try to attack the spinners and even an average spinner can get wickets if batsman miss hit that shot.

So the basic thing to be kept in mind is picking the death bowler of the team bowling in the first inning and picking the spin bowler of the team bowling in the second inning.

2. always back your players

Always back your players even if they didn’t perform in the last matches because most of the users never back their players which they picked in the first match and they drop them in the second as they didn’t perform. Never fear to take the risks because if the player has that talent then we will help you in creating a difference in points with your opponent. So always try to back your players as one day off of the players doesn’t decide their potential.

3. pitch report

The next most important factor while creating the team is knowing the pitch which means how the pitch will behave, whether it’s a batting wicket, bowling wicket, or balanced wicket.

According to the pitch, create the team means depending on it whether to go for a batsman-heavy team or a bowlers-heavy team, or a balanced team having all the quality players

Every ground has different pitches and the team should be created according to that but most of the users always pick the players that performed in a first match without knowing the pitch and if the pitch used in the first match is different from the pitch that will be in use in the second match then your team will also be different from the first one and most of the users avoid these basic things and they suffer losses. So the pitch is the basic factor that will be kept in mind while creating the team.

4. choosing multi-dimensional players the most

The next important factor while creating a team is choosing the maximum multi-dimensional players. Multi-dimensional players mean that a player who is an all-rounder which means he can bat and can bowl. These players are always in the game as when any batsman is out then in rest of the matches there are no chances of him from where he can fetch the points but an all-rounder is never out of the game. He always fetches the points from the matches and a fact is that most of the all-rounders are good fielders too like Hardik Pandya, Ben stokes and Glenn maxwell. So they grab the points from fielding also.

So these types of players are always in the game and catch points from everywhere. So always try to have a maximum of multi-dimensional players in your team and even try to make the captain and vice-captain.

5. player stats and recent form

Proper research and analysis of each and every player should be done first before creating the team. While creating the team you should know the role of each and every player and most important his recent form.

There are many players which are struggling from their recent runs but in past, we all know about their performance and their stats. A most recent example is Virat Kohli who is suffering badly from his form and everyone was dropping him from his/her team but we should never do that.

Example – In the last match of BGT my opponents dropped Virat Kohli which is quiet surprising only because he didn’t perform in previous matches.

The result we see Virat in the last match scored 186 and I won single-handedly. So always have a look at the stats and the players suffering from the recent form are very good differential picks which no one will have in his/her team.

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