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Cricket, a sport that unites a nation as diverse as India, often brings forth talents that mesmerize and inspire millions.

Shubman Gill, a name that has been making waves in the cricketing world, is a testament to the prodigious talent the country produces.

Hailing from Punjab, this young cricketer has carved a niche for himself, captivating the audience with his remarkable skills and promising potential.

Let’s embark on an illuminating journey through the life, career, and achievements of Shubman Gill.

The New No.1 ODI Batsman

Shubman Gill’s extraordinary performance in the ongoing ICC World Cup 2023 has marked a turning point, causing Babar Azam, the former world’s No. 1 ODI batsman, to step down from his reign.

Gill’s stellar display propelled him to the peak of the ICC Men’s ODI Batting Rankings, effectively surpassing Pakistan’s skipper Babar on a significant Wednesday.

Gill’s swift ascent to the top was propelled by his explosive start in India’s journey throughout the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup.

He distinguished himself as only the fourth player from India to claim the prestigious No. 1 ODI batsman position, an exclusive club that includes cricket legends like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, and Virat Kohli.

shubman gill new world no.1 odi batsman

Shubman Gill’s recent performance in the ongoing tournament has been nothing short of impressive.

He flaunted his prowess on the pitch, tallying a total of 219 runs from six innings. His notable scores include a striking 92 against Sri Lanka and a solid 23 against South Africa.

This outstanding display has rightfully positioned him at the top, showcasing his remarkable batting skills.

Meanwhile, Babar, who previously held the top spot as the world’s top ODI batsman for over two years, wrapped up the World Cup with a commendable total of 282 runs from eight innings. However, this fell slightly short, placing him six rating points behind Gill.

As a result, Babar’s reign as the leading ODI batsman has come to an end, marking a significant shift in the rankings.

Early Life And Career Beginning

Shubman Gill, born on September 8, 1999, in Fazilka, Punjab, displayed an early inclination towards cricket.

His tryst with the sport commenced at a tender age when he wielded a cricket bat with finesse, drawing attention for his innate talent.

His dedication, coupled with rigorous training and guidance, propelled him towards a path that would ultimately lead him to the grand stage of international cricket.

Gill’s journey commenced in local tournaments and school cricket, where his prowess with the bat became increasingly evident.

His exceptional performances in age-group cricket and domestic tournaments laid the foundation for what was to come – a flourishing career in the world of cricket.

Shubman Gill

The spotlight on Shubman Gill intensified when he delivered outstanding performances in the U19 Cricket World Cup in 2018, hosted in New Zealand.

Gill emerged as one of the standout players of the tournament, exhibiting his exceptional batting skills and composure at the crease.

His consistent performances earned him the title of the Player of the Tournament, an accolade that showcased his potential to thrive at the highest level of the game.

This stellar showing in the U19 World Cup served as a launchpad for Gill’s entry into the senior ranks of Indian cricket.

His elegant strokeplay, impeccable technique, and ability to tackle formidable bowling attacks earned him a spot in the senior national team, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in his career.

Family Background



Shubman Gill's Father

Lakhwinder Singh

Shubman Gill's Mother

Keart Singh

Shubman Gill's Sister

Shahneel Singh

Shubman Gill's Girlfriend

Sara Tendulkar (rumored)

Shubman Gill's Girlfriend

Sara Ali Khan (rumored)

Introduction to Cricket

Shubman Gill hails from a family deeply rooted in farming. His father, Lakhwinder Singh, had a fervent aspiration to pursue cricket, a passion that wasn’t fulfilled.

However, recognizing his son’s latent talent from an early age, Lakhwinder became the key supporter of Shubman’s budding cricket journey.

“At the tender age of 3, he was engrossed solely in cricket. While most kids his age craved toys, Shubman’s fixation was always with a bat and ball.

He’d even fall asleep clutching onto them,” reminisced Lakhwinder Singh, reflecting on his son’s unwavering enthusiasm for the sport.

Displaying unwavering support, Lakhwinder crafted a cricketing haven within the family’s farm, establishing a turf pitch for Shubman’s dedicated practice sessions.

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He went a step further, rallying the farm workers to bowl at Shubman, pushing him to face real challenges. Lakhwinder even enticed village boys with a ₹100 reward for taking his son’s wicket, fostering a competitive environment for Shubman’s growth.

Shubman Gill Domestic Cricket

In a bid to nurture Shubman’s cricketing aspirations, the family relocated, settling in proximity to the PCA Stadium in Mohali.

Shubman’s training commenced in school and later progressed to the Punjab Cricket Association Academy, a period during which Lakhwinder keenly observed and supported his son’s journey on the field.

The bond between father and son burgeoned as Lakhwinder recognized and wholeheartedly backed Shubman’s cricketing dreams.

The story of their unwavering support, dedication, and belief in Shubman’s potential serves as an inspiring testament to the power of familial encouragement in the pursuit of one’s passions.

Entry into Domestic Cricket

Every star cricketer has a beginning, a humble entry into the realm of the sport that often goes unnoticed. Shubman Gill, the prodigious talent, is no exception.

His journey in domestic cricket is a tale of perseverance, talent, and determination. Let’s delve into the early steps and the remarkable rise of Shubman Gill in the world of cricket.

Domestic Cricket Debut

Shubman Gill’s foray into domestic cricket was through the Punjab team. His debut in the Ranji Trophy during the 2017-18 season was nothing short of spectacular.

Despite being young, he displayed remarkable maturity and composure in his batting.

Shubman Gill Profile

His exceptional performances in the domestic circuit were a testament to his skill and temperament, earning him recognition as one of the most promising talents in Indian cricket.

Journey in Under-19 Cricket

The Under-19 cricket was where Shubman Gill made his mark. His performances in the 2018 ICC Under-19 World Cup were sensational.

Gill emerged as the tournament’s second-highest run-scorer, amassing 372 runs in six innings at an average of 124.

Shubman Gill U19 Days

His remarkable consistency and sublime strokeplay captured the attention of cricket enthusiasts and experts alike.

Rise to International Cricket

The hard work and consistency paid off when Shubman Gill earned a spot in the Indian national team.

His Test debut against Australia in December 2020 was eagerly anticipated, and he didn’t disappoint.

Gill’s calm demeanor and impressive technique against high-quality bowling reaffirmed his stature as a future stalwart in Indian cricket.

National Team Debut

Gill’s eagerly anticipated debut in international cricket came in 2019 against New Zealand.

Shubman Gill International Cricket

Despite the nerve-wracking environment, he displayed remarkable composure, a trait seldom seen in debutants.

His first innings was a testament to his confidence, marking the beginning of what promised to be a remarkable career.

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During the early days of his international journey, Gill encountered various challenges.

However, his adaptability was evident as he maneuvered through the initial hurdles, steadily finding his footing in the competitive world of international cricket.

Rising Through the Ranks: Gill’s Breakthrough Moments

Gill’s breakthrough moments were not limited to a single match or series; rather, they were scattered across various encounters.

His consistent performances against top-tier teams such as Australia and England demonstrated his ability to excel under pressure, capturing the attention of cricketing pundits and fans worldwide.

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Transitioning smoothly from one format to another, Gill’s adaptability is evident in his performances across Test, One Day International (ODI), and Twenty20 (T20) matches.

His technique, coupled with an astute cricketing mind, enables him to flourish regardless of the format.

Noteworthy Achievements and Contributions

Gill’s contributions to the Indian cricket team have been invaluable.

His notable innings and partnerships with seasoned players have played a pivotal role in the team’s success.

Shubman Gill

From anchoring the innings to playing aggressive strokes, he has showcased versatility, embodying the modern-day cricketer.

Furthermore, his fielding skills and agility in the field add another dimension to his game, emphasizing the importance of being an all-round player in the contemporary cricketing landscape.


Shubman Gill is playing international cricket from long time now and has many records on his name that we are going to discuss further in this article. His impressive batting skills made him very clinical batsman and this results in a number of records that Shubman gill holds in his name.

Most Runs In An Innings In ODI

Shubman Gill

j removebg preview

Record Rank


Runs Scored








Strike Rate



New Zealand

Shubman Gill, the rising star from India, etched his name in the annals of cricket history by scoring a remarkable 208 runs in an ODI match against New Zealand.

This astonishing feat occurred on the 18th of January 2023 in Hyderabad, leaving fans and experts in awe of the young talent.

Fastest To Score 2000 Runs In ODI

Record Rank



31 Jan 2019



Match Date

22 Oct 2023

Innings Taken



New Zealand

Shubman Gill sets record in dharamsala when he became the fastest player to score 2000 runs in only 38 Innings.

He set this record by thrashing New Zealand in the home conditions and is a future star of Indian Cricket Team.

Highest Career Batting Average













Half Century


Shubman Gill is placed at 2nd position in batting average in the ODIs. His average is very impressive which is 62.14.

With This Destructive Batting performances he will soon become the NO.1 ODI Ranking batsman according to ICC Ranking.

2nd Fastest To Score 1000 Runs In ODI








New Zealand

Match Date

18 Jan 2023


3years 352 days

Shubman Gill is placed at 2nd position to score fastest 1000 runs in ODI. His set this record while playing against New Zealand in Hyderabad.

Most Runs In An Innings In T20I









Strike Rate



New Zealand



Shubman Gill is placed at 10th position in most runs scored by a batsman in a single innings in T20I

He scored this in Ahmedabad where his numbers are very destructive which we have seen in the IPL as well.

Shubman Gill IPL Auction Price Year-Wise






INR 8 crore

Gujarat Titans

Gujarat Titans logo removebg preview


INR 8 crore

Gujarat Titans

Gujarat Titans logo removebg preview


INR 1.80 crore

Kolkata Knight Riders

R removebg preview


INR 1.80 crore

Kolkata Knight Riders

R removebg preview 1


INR 1.80 crore

Kolkata Knight Riders

R removebg preview 1


INR 1.80 crore

Kolkata Knight Riders

R removebg preview 1

Shubman Gill IPL Batting Stats





Strike Rate




















































Shubman Gill IPL Journey

His remarkable performance caught the attention of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), who secured his services in the 2018 IPL auction, making a significant bid of INR 1.8 crore compared to his initial base price of INR 20 lakh.

However, Gill’s initial years in the IPL didn’t see him settle into a specific batting position.

Shubman Gill KKR

He shuffled across various slots, batting from the opening position down to No.7, but unfortunately, the outcomes were not favorable for either the franchise or the player.

Gill solidified his role as the opener back in IPL 2020 with KKR, and since then, he’s consistently delivered impressive performances, accumulating over 400 runs in each of his last three seasons.

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Having completed a four-season stint with KKR spanning from 2018 to 2021, Gill, along with several other players, parted ways with the franchise before the grand IPL auction of 2022.

Interestingly, during the IPL auction that year, Gill became the third player to be picked by the new IPL team, Gujarat Titans, owned by CVC Capitals.

His acquisition came at a significant price of INR 8 crore, underscoring his value as a young Indian opener.

The talented batsman exhibited his prowess by scoring a remarkable 483 runs across 16 innings during the Titans’ inaugural season, achieving an impressive strike rate of 132.33.

Shubman Gill Gujarat Titans

This outstanding performance contributed significantly to Titans’ victorious campaign. Gill showcased his skill with four notable half-centuries, narrowly missing out on a century against Punjab Kings when he was dismissed for 96 by Kagiso Rabada.

In the lead-up to the IPL auction of 2023, Gill was among the 18 players retained by the Titans under contract, signifying the team’s confidence in his abilities and his crucial role in their future campaigns.

Relationship Status

Sara Tendulkar and Sara Ali Khan were two females who were rumoured dating shubman gill at different intervals.

Both were caught in cameras several times as Shubman has dinner with Sara Ali Khan from where the rumors were spread. On social media, Sara Tendulkar and Shubman Gill are engaged in each other posts from where the rumors were spread in the media.

With Sara Tendulkar (Rumors)?

“During the most recent event (World Cup), Sara Tendulkar was seen savoring the electrifying World Cup showdown between India and Bangladesh in Pune last Thursday.”

Shubman Gill, the talented Indian cricketer, and Sara Tendulkar have sparked significant interest among fans and the media.

Their budding romance has been a hot topic in the limelight for quite some time, captivating the attention of enthusiasts who are closely following their journey.

“In the recent World Cup match between India and Bangladesh in Pune, Sara Tendulkar was seen reveling in the excitement of the game.

Shubman Gill and Sara Tendulkar

Cameras captured her in the spotlight as Shubman Gill took to the batting crease, showcasing her enthusiasm through her reactions to his shots and field catches, generating widespread attention on social media.

She was seen clapping after Shubman Gill was playing destructive shots against the Bangladesh team.

Following India’s victory over Bangladesh, Sara’s images from the stadium have been circulating among netizens, portraying her immersed in the thrilling match.”

Reports surfaced indicating that Sara Tendulkar offered prayers for the swift recovery of Indian cricketer Shubman Gill, who was sidelined from a World Cup match due to a diagnosis of dengue.

Despite his health setback, the batter notably participated in the India-Pakistan match. Gill’s return to form was evident as he scored 53 runs against Bangladesh in Pune. Fans, alongside Sara Tendulkar, rejoiced at witnessing his impressive comeback on the field.

With Sara Ali Khan (Rumors)?

Speculation and chatter surrounding the possible relationship between Sara Ali Khan and Shubman Gill ignited back in August.

This buzz originated from their public appearance at a restaurant, catching the attention of many curious onlookers.

Gossip swirling around Sara Ali Khan and Shubman Gill initially sparked in August when eagle-eyed observers caught sight of the duo dining together at a restaurant.

Speculation about a possible relationship between actor Sara Ali Khan and cricketer Shubman Gill has been circulating for quite some time now.

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The buzz has only intensified after Shubman made his first comment addressing these rumours.

His remarks came during an episode of the Punjabi chat show Dil Diyan Gallan, which was hosted by Sonam Bajwa. The cricketer was directly asked whether there’s any truth to the speculations linking him with Sara.

Shubman Gill And Sara Ali Khan

Sonam Bajwa, as the host, didn’t shy away from diving straight into the matter, posing the million-dollar question to Shubman Gill regarding his relationship status with Sara Ali Khan.

He answered, “May be.” Sonam then little smiled, and asked, “Sara ka sara sach bolo which means Tell the whole truth in English,” and then Shubman smiled and replied, “Sara da sara sach bol diya which means I have told the truth in English. May be, maybe not.” He was asked to name the fittest actor in Bollywood by the host of the show Sonam Bajwa, he replied, “Sara.”

Speculations swirled around in August when an eagle-eyed fan caught sight of them at a restaurant.

The initial buzz sparked from a brief TikTok clip featuring a woman excitedly mentioning she had just seen Sara at Bastian’s.

More recently, both were sighted departing from a hotel in New Delhi and later found seated alongside each other during a flight.

The first footage depicted Sara stepping out of a hotel, with eagle-eyed fans noticing a man resembling Shubman walking out in the background.

A subsequent video captured Sara engaging with fans on the plane, followed by her taking a seat beside an individual sporting what seemed to be the same set of headphones as the person alongside Sara in the earlier video.

Income And Salary

“Shubman Gill recently made it to the top-tier A-rated list of players, as announced by the BCCI.

This achievement propels his earnings to approximately Rs 50 lakhs each month, summing up to a substantial Rs 5 crores per year.

Moreover, his association with the Gujarat Titans in the IPL fetches him a substantial sum of $8,00,00,000.

Shubman Gill Net Worth

Combining his national and international match fees along with endorsement deals, Shubman Gill’s overall income hits an impressive mark.

His total earnings could easily range from around 20 crores to an equivalent of 1 million dollars annually.”

As one of the most discussed contemporary sports personalities, not just in India but also recognized as one of the highly acclaimed and celebrated cricketers globally, Gill boasts an impressive net worth of approximately 4 million USD, equivalent to about 32 crores in Indian rupees.

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Shubman Gill’s rise in international cricket is a story of dedication, resilience, and exceptional talent. From the promising teenager in junior cricket to a stalwart in the senior team, his journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers worldwide.

His ability to adapt, his technical finesse, and his unwavering determination mark him as a force to be reckoned with in the cricketing arena.

Shubman Gill’s journey from the budding grounds of Fazilka to the international cricket arenas is an inspiration for aspiring cricketers worldwide.

His dedication, skills, and promising performances make him a shining star in the realm of cricket, promising an exciting future in the sport.

Some Most Asked Questions

Who is Prince of India cricket?

Shubman Gill has earned the moniker “Prince of Indian Cricket” due to various reasons that highlight his exceptional talent, demeanor, and contributions to the sport.

Is Shubman Gill graduate?

Shubman Gill, born in 1999, hails from the vibrant Fazilka district nestled in Punjab. He successfully completed his matriculation examinations at the Manav Mangal Smart School, located in the bustling city of Mohali, Punjab.

Did Shubman Gill get married?

The cricketer, though unmarried, is rumored to be in a relationship with Sara Tendulkar, the daughter of Sachin Tendulkar, who is revered as the ‘god of cricket’ and recognized as one of the finest batsmen in the highly competitive sport. In a lighthearted manner, some individuals have playfully hinted at Sachin being considered Shubman Gill’s future father-in-law.

Is Shubman Gill and Yuvraj Singh related?

It’s not widely known, but despite not being related by blood, Shubman Gill and Yuvraj Singh have a bond that resembles that of elder and younger brothers. Yuvraj plays a mentor-like role in Shubman Gill’s life, providing substantial guidance and support, particularly in the realm of cricket.

Which village is Shubman Gill?

Born in the quaint village of Chak Jaimal Singh Wala, also known as Chak Khere Wala, nestled near Jalalabad in the Punjabi district of Fazilka, his origins trace back to this serene locality.

Is Shubman Gill dubbing?

Renowned cricketer Shubman Gill recently ventured into an unexpected realm by lending his voice to the iconic character of Indian Spider-Man. The young sports sensation has dived into the world of voice acting, gracing the Hindi and Punjabi versions of the famed superhero

Who is the Favorite actress of Shubman Gill?

Indian cricket sensation Shubman Gill recently opened up about his admiration for Bollywood actress Rashmika Mandanna, confessing that she’s his ultimate crush from the world of Indian cinema. Gill, known for his outstanding cricket skills, shared his fondness for Mandanna, expressing his admiration for the talented actress.

How tall is Shubman Gill?

1.85 m

Is Yuvraj Singh coach of Shubman Gill?

After Yuvraj Singh ascended to Punjab’s senior men’s team, he took Shubman Gill under his wing, offering invaluable guidance on structuring a season and maintaining unwavering focus. Their shared hometown connection further solidified their bond and understanding.

What is Sara Tendulkar age?

26 years (12 October 1997)

What is the T shirt number of Shubman Gill?

Recently, while speaking to Star Sports, Shubman revealed the story of getting the jersey number 77 and how he continues to play with it. Shubman said that he has asked for his lucky number 7 but did not get it. Hence, he added one more 7 to it and made it 77.