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Hello, welcome back to FantasyEmpire11. Today we will cover the Women’s Premier League Match, which will be played between Royal Challengers Bangalore Women and Mumbai Indians Women.

Dream11 Team, Dream11 Prediction, and Fantasy Tips will be discussed with full Stats and Info on every player.

This match will be played on 2nd March at 7:30 P.M. IST

In this preview, we will discuss the probable playing11 of both teams. Dream11 Team will also be discussed here.

So, let’s get started with the Pitch Report without wasting any time.

Pitch Report

M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore

This pitch offers an ideal setting for batters, thanks to its batting-friendly nature.

However, due to the continuous matches being played on it, the pitch is gradually slowing down. Consequently, spinners can also find some support here.

Despite the slowing pace, the short boundaries play a pivotal role, offering batters a chance to score even with missed hits that may result in boundaries.

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Additionally, the dew factor comes into play during the second innings, often assisting batters.

Historically, matches on this ground have witnessed decent scores, further affirming its reputation as a batting-friendly wicket.

Although initially perceived as flat, especially in Women’s matches, spinners have also demonstrated their prowess.

In summary, this pitch predominantly favors batters, owing to factors like short boundaries, the dew factor, the initially flat nature of the wicket, and occasional errors in fielding witnessed in previous matches.

Probable Playing11 with Scores

Here is the probable playing11 of both the teams with their recent scores which will help you to create your own best possible teams.

Bangalore Women

Player Name


Recent Scores

1. S Mandhana


13, 43, 74, 9

2. S Devine 


1+0w, 6+0w, 23+2w, 9+1w

3. S Meghana


53, 36, 36, 11

4. R Ghosh


62, 19, 19, 7

5. E Perry



6. G Wareham


0+1w, 1w, 6+0w, 27+1w

7. S Molineux


9+1w, 3w, 1+0w, 12+0w

8. S Patil


8*+0w, 0w, 1*+1w, 7*+1w

9. S Bahadur


-, 2, 0w

10. Sobhana Asha


5w, 0w, 0w, 0w

11. R Singh Thakur


0w, 2w, 1+0w, 0w

Mumbai Indians Women

Player Name


Recent Scores

1. Y Bhatia 


57, 7, 26, 6

2. H Matthews


0+0w, 7+1w, 55+0w, 29+1w

3. N Sciver Brunt


19+2w, 22+1w, 19+0w, 5+0w

4. Harman Preet Kaur



5. A Kerr


24+2w, 31+4w, 23+1w, 17+0w

6. P Vastrakar


1+0w, 1+0w, 18+0w, 17+1w

7. Amanjot Kaur


3*, 0*, 42

8. S Sajana


6*, 4, 24

9. S Ismail



10. H Kazi


-, 6

11. S Ishaque


0w, 0w, 0w, 1w

Dream11 Prediction Depending on Research

As Mumbai is the favorite to win this match, you have to pick the maximum number of players from Mumbai in your fantasy teams.

1. N S Brunt – She is a must-have pick in your Dream11 Team.

She’s not just any player; she’s a star from the England national team, and having her in your squad is like hitting the jackpot.

Let’s talk batting. When N S Brunt steps onto the field, her batting skills light up the game.

It’s like she’s got a magic wand, and every stroke she makes is pure gold. You can count on her to guard her wicket like a fortress.

Position-wise, she’s your go-to player for the number-one spot in the batting lineup. That’s right – she’s the first line of defense for your team’s scorecard.

But wait, there’s more! N S Brunt isn’t just about batting.

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She’s a double threat with her bowling prowess. When she’s on the pitch, her bowling spells are like fireworks – explosive and mesmerizing.

In the past couple of matches, she’s been on fire, picking up wickets left, right, and center. With her in your team, you’re practically guaranteed those crucial breakthroughs.

Now, let’s talk strategy. When it comes to choosing your captain and vice-captain for your fantasy team, look no further. N S Brunt is your golden ticket. She’s the best bet for the C VC slots, hands down.

So, there you have it – N S Brunt is the ultimate game-changer for your Dream11 Team. Don’t miss out on having her on your side!

2.  H Matthews – She is a must-have pick in your Dream11 Team.

H Matthews isn’t just any player; she’s a top-tier all-rounder representing the West Indies national team.

Picture this: she’s not only a solid batter but also a fierce bowler, making her an indispensable choice for your fantasy cricket squad.

Let’s talk batting. Matthews is like a dynamo at the crease, always ready to unleash her attacking prowess against any bowling lineup.

Whether it’s spin or pace, she knows how to handle it like a pro. Even in the toughest conditions, she stands tall, wielding her bat with finesse and determination.

But wait, there’s more! Matthews isn’t just about batting. She’s a wicket-taking bowler too.

With her skillful deliveries and strategic gameplay, she’s bound to bowl her full quota of overs, leaving a mark on every match she plays.

Now, let’s talk strategy. As the matches progress and the pitch slows down, the importance of spinners skyrockets.

And guess who fits the bill perfectly? You got it – H Matthews! With her spin prowess, she’s a force to be reckoned with, turning the tide of the game in your favor.

But here’s the real kicker – Matthews isn’t just a player; she’s a game-changer for your fantasy team.

Whether you’re picking your captain or vice-captain, she’s the go-to option, promising maximum points and ultimate glory for your Dream11 squad

3. A Kerr – She is a must-have pick in your Dream11 Team.

Hailing from the New Zealand national team, A Kerr is a powerhouse all-rounder who can turn the tide of any match.

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When it comes to bowling, she operates on a whole different level, consistently taking wickets with finesse.

In the Women’s Premier League (WPL), her performance has been nothing short of stellar. Match after match, she bundles up wickets, even during the intense death overs.

But here’s the kicker – her batting skills are just as impressive. A Kerr doesn’t just bowl; she contributes with the bat in every game she plays.

Looking to set your fantasy team’s captain and vice-captain (C VC)? Look no further than A Kerr.

While her batting order may sometimes place her lower down the lineup, her knack for taking wickets makes her a dependable choice for the C VC slot.

Sure, she might carry a bit of risk in smaller leagues due to her lower batting order position, but her ability to turn the game around with her wicket-taking prowess makes her a reliable option for the captaincy role.

BAN-W vs MI-W Dream11 Team

Small League Team

BAN-W vs MI-W Dream11 Prediction | Dream11 Team | Dream11 Team today | Pitch Report | Playing11

Grand League Team

BAN-W vs MI-W Dream11 Prediction | Dream11 Team | Dream11 Team today | Pitch Report | Playing11

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