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Nestled in the heart of Kolkata, Eden Gardens Stadium stands tall as one of the most iconic sporting arenas in India.

Once boasting a staggering capacity of over one lakh people, the stadium underwent a significant transformation before the 2011 World Cup, now accommodating a more intimate audience of just over 66,000.

Often hailed as “Cricket’s answer to the Colosseum,” Eden Gardens, India’s largest cricket stadium, has played host to a plethora of historic matches.

The fervent Eden Gardens crowd, known for their unwavering passion, witnessed the first World Cup final outside Lord’s within the grandeur of this majestic venue.

Anil Kumble etched his name into cricketing lore with a remarkable 6/12 performance against West Indies during the final of the 1993 Hero Cup, leaving an indelible mark on the hallowed turf.

The annals of cricket history also narrate the tale of Sachin Tendulkar’s unforgettable run-out during the Asian Test Championship match against Pakistan at Eden Gardens.

The aftermath witnessed Kolkata’s passionate cricket enthusiasts unleashing their fervor once more, although the match concluded against the backdrop of empty stands.

This incident, reminiscent of a previous occurrence, harks back to the time when India found themselves at 120/8 while chasing 252 against Sri Lanka in the semi-final of the 1996 World Cup.

About The Stadium

Eden Gardens





High Court End, Pavilion End

Home to

Bengal, Kolkata Knight Riders




Kolkata, India


Probir Mukherjee

Pitch Report Today Match

The pitch here at eden gardens stadium is totally a netural wicket with something has it for everyone.

The outfield here is very quick which means the ball after making contact with bat goes for boundary very fastly which favors the batters.

pitch report today match eden gardens

Here there is good amount of swing as well which help the pace bowlers as well and thus because of swing, pacers are in the game as well.

As the game progesses the spin bowlers also come into play and we can see turn as well which results in making S Narine as the highest wicket taker on this venue.

Thus, this wicket is a total netural wicket which helps every department. For the final pitch report and more updates do join us for free:

Stats Summary

As the stadium gears up to host numerous matches for the upcoming ODI World Cup 2023, let’s delve into the captivating Eden Gardens Stadium records.

ODI Stats

Eden Gardens Stadium has seen numerous ODIs, attracting top teams and creating unforgettable moments. Let’s take a quick look at the major ODI stats at Eden Gardens Stadium:

Total matches


Matches won batting first


Matches won bowling first


Average 1st Inns scores


Average 2nd Inns scores


Highest total

404/5 (50 Overs) By IND vs SL

Lowest total

63/10 (39.3 Overs) By IND-W vs ENG-W

T20 Stats

Total matches


Matches won batting first


Matches won bowling first


Average 1st Inns scores


Average 2nd Inns scores


Highest total

201/5 (20 Overs) By PAK vs BAN

Lowest total

70/10 (15.4 Overs) By BAN vs NZ

Test Stats

Total matches


Matches won batting first


Matches won bowling first


Average 1st Inns scores


Average 2nd Inns scores


Average 3rd Inns scores


Average 4th Inns scores


Highest total

657/7 (178 Overs) By IND vs AUS

Lowest total

90/10 (30 Overs) By IND vs WI

Ground Dimensions

Explore the unique dynamics of Eden Gardens Stadium, renowned for its distinctive boundary dimensions. Let’s delve into the ever-changing averages:

Straight Boundaries: Spanning approximately 76-78 meters.

Square Boundaries: Covering an area of about 66-69 meters.

Cover Region: Exhibiting variability, providing an expansive playing field for fielders and strategic opportunities for batsmen.

Fine Leg: Displays variation, furnishing a substantial playing area for fielders and strategic possibilities for batsmen.

Third Man: Offers diverse dimensions, creating additional space for fielding maneuvers and bowling tactics.

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Contrary to misconceptions, labeling Eden Gardens as a small ground is a misjudgment. In reality, it stands tall as one of India’s most expansive cricketing arenas.

Here, batters are challenged to deliver substantial hits, aiming to etch their names into the prestigious Eden Gardens record books.

Eden Gardens Stadium IPL Records

Eden Gardens Stadium has hosted many IPL Matches and we have witnessed many exciting matches filled with thrilled action. Now, we dive into that stats:

Highest Innings Total

No wonder the two most substantial innings totals come from KKR, given that Eden Gardens Stadium serves as their home turf.

Let’s delve into the top five highest innings totals at Eden Gardens in the IPL:





Kolkata Knight Riders


Mumbai Indians


Kolkata Knight Riders


Punjab Kings


Royal Challengers Bangalore


Kolkata Knight Riders


Mumbai Indians


Kolkata Knight Riders


Royal Challengers Bangalore


Lucknow Super Giants


Lowest Innings Total 

Eden Gardens Stadium proves to be a batting-friendly pitch, offering favorable conditions for batsmen to showcase their skills.

However, it’s a pitch that equally favors spinners, leading to several instances where bowlers played a pivotal role in restricting teams to low scores.

rcb all out 49

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Let’s delve into the five instances of the lowest innings totals recorded at Eden Gardens during the IPL:





Royal Challengers Bangalore


Kolkata Knight Riders


Rajasthan Royals


Kolkata Knight Riders


Delhi Capitals


Kolkata Knight Riders


Kolkata Knight Riders


Mumbai Indians


Kolkata Knight Riders


Chennai Super Kings


All-Time Leading Run Scorers

Gautam Gambhir stands tall as the primary run-getter at the iconic Eden Gardens in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

gautam gambhir kkr

The esteemed former captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) showcased his batting prowess by accumulating an impressive total of 1407 runs on this hallowed ground.




G Gambhir

gg removebg preview


R Uthappa

ru removebg preview


Y Pathan

yp removebg preview


A Russell

Andre Russell removebg preview


K Karthik

dk removebg preview


All-Time Leading Wicket Takers

The Eden Gardens Stadium pitch proves to be a haven for spin bowlers, making it an ideal battleground for those skilled in the art of spin.

Consequently, the top performers on the list of leading wicket-takers at this iconic stadium all share a common trait—they are exceptional spinners.

sunil narine kkr

Let’s delve into the illustrious list of all-time leading IPL wicket-takers at Eden Gardens:



S Narine


P Chawla


A Russell


Shakib Al Hasan


Kuldeep Yadav


Highest Individual Scores  

Curious about the standout performances by batsmen at Eden Gardens in the IPL? Look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 highest scores achieved by batsmen in this iconic venue.


Runs (Balls)



RM Patidar (RCB)

112 (54)



M Jayawardene (KXIP)

110 (59)



R Sharma (MI)

109 (60)



C Gayle (RCB)

102 (55)



V Kohli (RCB)

100 (58)



Best Bowling Figures

Discover the pinnacle of bowling excellence at Eden Gardens in the IPL, where the top 5 bowling figures showcase the prowess of KKR’s exceptional bowlers.

SP Narine secures a remarkable presence, appearing thrice in this prestigious list.

sunil narine bowling

Let’s delve into the outstanding bowling performances that have etched their names in the history of Eden Gardens during the IPL.

Bowler (Team)




S Narine (KKR)

5 for 19



Shoaib Akhtar (KKR)

4 for 11



S Narine (KKR)

4 for 13



S Narine (KKR)

4 for 19



A Mathews (KKR)

4 for 19



Best Matches On This Stadium

Welcome to the hallowed grounds of Eden Gardens in Kolkata, a cricketing sanctuary with a storied history that resonates through every blade of grass.

In this beginner’s guide, we embark on a journey through time, reliving the historic matches that have shaped the legacy of this iconic stadium.

Inaugural International Match (1934)

The historic inaugural international match at Eden Gardens Stadium in 1934 marked a significant moment in cricketing history.

India faced England, and while team accomplishments were paramount, notable individual performances set the stage.

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Unfortunately, due to the time gap and limited records, specific details such as the Man of the Match for this encounter are not readily available.

The 2001 Miracle – India vs. Australia Test

Arguably one of the greatest Test matches ever played, the 2001 clash between India and Australia at Eden Gardens witnessed an extraordinary turnaround.

VVS Laxman’s epic 281 and Rahul Dravid’s 180 not out orchestrated a stunning comeback after following on.

Laxman was rightly awarded the Man of the Match for his historic innings that changed the course of the game.

India vs. Pakistan Rivalry Encounters

Eden Gardens Stadium has been the stage for intense battles between cricketing titans India and Pakistan.

Memorable moments and individual brilliance have been aplenty, but the specific Man of the Match awards for these encounters vary across different games.

india vs pakistan eden gardens

Notable performances from iconic players in these clashes have become an integral part of the stadium’s cricketing lore.

ICC Cricket World Cup Finals (1987)

Eden Gardens hosted the finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup in 1987, where Australia faced off against England.

While the collective efforts of teams took center stage, the Man of the Match for this final was David Boon of Australia.

His crucial innings played a vital role in securing Australia’s victory in the summit clash.

Individual Brilliance – Centuries and Hat-Tricks

Sunil Gavaskar’s remarkable centuries and Harbhajan Singh’s historic hat-trick against Australia in 2001 stand as unforgettable moments woven into the history of Eden Gardens.

Though the Man of the Match awards for these exceptional performances might differ, their brilliance undeniably adds to the vibrant tapestry of the stadium’s cricketing heritage.

sunil gavaskar eden gardens

Let’s delve into the cricketing chronicles at Eden Gardens Stadium, where Sunil Gavaskar left an indelible mark with his centuries.

These innings weren’t just about runs on the scoreboard; they were about crafting history with each stroke.

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Gavaskar’s prowess with the bat transformed ordinary matches into extraordinary spectacles, and Eden Gardens became the canvas for his cricketing masterpieces.

In a parallel chapter of Eden Gardens’ saga, Harbhajan Singh etched his name in the annals of cricketing folklore with a historic hat-trick against Australia in 2001.

The very mention of this feat conjures images of spinning magic and elation in the hearts of cricket enthusiasts.

Harbhajan’s exceptional performance not only secured a place in the cricketing archives but also became a cornerstone of Eden Gardens’ identity.

While the distinction of Man of the Match may have been bestowed upon different players during these iconic moments, the cumulative impact of Gavaskar’s centuries and Harbhajan’s hat-trick resonates through the hallowed grounds of Eden Gardens.

harbhajan singh eden gardens

These performances didn’t merely contribute to the stadium’s legacy; they defined it, turning Eden Gardens into a sacred space for cricket aficionados.

On the other hand, Harbhajan Singh’s hat-trick in 2001 was a display of spin bowling at its zenith. Each delivery was a mesmerizing dance of skill, strategy, and precision.

The hat-trick wasn’t just a statistical achievement; it was a symbolic triumph over one of the cricketing giants of the time.

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Harbhajan’s feat reverberated far beyond the cricketing world, elevating him to a legendary status and making the Eden Gardens pitch a shrine to spin bowling excellence.

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Most Asked Questions

Is Eden Garden a batting pitch?

The pitch here at eden gardens is totally a netural wicket with something has it for everyone.
The outfield here is very quick which means the ball after making contact with bat goes for boundary very fastly which favors the batters.
Here there is good amount of swing as well which help the pace bowlers as well and thus because of swing, pacers are in the game as well.

What is the record of Eden Gardens IPL?

Eden Gardens has witnessed a total of 79 IPL matches, creating a cricketing saga filled with excitement. Among these battles, the chasing team emerged victorious 47 times, showcasing the unpredictable nature of the game. On the flip side, the team batting first celebrated triumph on 32 occasions, underlining the strategic importance of setting a formidable target.

What is the strength of Eden Garden stadium?

Get ready for an exhilarating experience at the stadium with a seating capacity of 63,000.

Is Eden Garden a spin pitch?

The Eden Gardens pitch in Kolkata has a reputation for fostering high-scoring matches, favoring the batsmen. As the game progresses, though, it opens up opportunities for spin bowlers to assert their influence, injecting an additional layer of excitement into the contest.

Is Eden Garden good for spinners?

Get ready for an exciting match at the iconic Eden Gardens, where India’s spin maestros, Kuldeep Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja, are poised to make an impact on the game. The unique characteristics of the Eden Gardens surface promise favorable conditions for these spin twins.

Who is the best player at Eden Gardens?

Gautam Gambhir, the former captain of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), holds the top spot on the IPL scoring charts at the iconic Eden Gardens, amassing an impressive total of 1,407 runs. Following closely are other former Knights who have left their mark on the historic ground—Robin Uthappa with 1,159 runs, Yusuf Pathan with 861 runs, and Dinesh Karthik with 621 runs.

What is the highest score in Eden Gardens IPL 2023?

n April 23, 2023, CSK notched an impressive score of 235/4 against KKR, marking the highest total ever recorded at the venue. The standout performance of the day came from Ajinkya Rahane, who showcased exceptional batting prowess by contributing a remarkable 79 runs off just 21 balls.

What is Eden Garden famous for?

Welcome to Eden Gardens, a renowned international cricket stadium nestled in the vibrant city of Kolkata, India. With its inception dating back to 1864, this iconic venue proudly holds the title of being the oldest cricket stadium in India and the second-largest in the nation.

Who is owner of Eden Gardens?

The iconic stadium owned and operated by the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB). This hallowed ground stands proudly as the home turf for the formidable Kolkata Knight Riders, adding an electrifying energy to every match played here.

What is the old name of Eden Gardens?

Originally called the ‘Auckland Circus Gardens,’ the park underwent a name change in 1841 and became known as the ‘Eden Gardens.’