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In the dynamic realm of Indian cricket, emerging talents often steal the spotlight with their exceptional skills and dedication. One such promising cricketer making waves is Arshdeep Singh.

In this beginner’s guide, we delve into the life and career of this young prodigy, tracing his journey from the grassroots to the grand stage.

Arshdeep Singh’s journey from the streets of his hometown to the glitzy cricket arenas is a testament to passion, hard work, and perseverance.

This beginner’s guide only scratches the surface of his story, leaving ample room for cricket enthusiasts to follow his evolving narrative.

As Arshdeep continues to etch his name in the annals of Indian cricket, we eagerly await the unfolding of the next chapters in this young cricketer’s promising career.

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arshdeep singh

Arshdeep Singh ( India )

Born - 5 February 1999 Guna, Madhya Pradesh, India

Height - 6 ft 3 in (191 cm)

Batting - Left-Handed Bat

Bowling - Left-arm fast-medium

Role - Bowler


Meet Arshdeep Singh, a dynamic Indian cricketer born on 5th February 1999, making waves in the professional cricket scene.

Arshdeep is not just a player; he’s a force to be reckoned with on the field. His prowess extends to both his role as a left-arm medium-fast bowler and his skills as a left-handed lower-order batter.

In the realm of Indian domestic cricket, Arshdeep showcases his talents representing Punjab.

When it comes to the electrifying Indian Premier League, he dons the vibrant colors of Punjab Kings, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans.

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The cricket world took notice of Arshdeep Singh in July 2022 when he made his international debut for the prestigious India national cricket team.

The stage was set in a thrilling Twenty20 International (T20I) match against England. Arshdeep marked his entry into the international arena with an impressive feat – bowling a maiden over on debut.

This accomplishment etched his name in history, as he joined an elite club of Indian bowlers who achieved this rare feat on their T20I debut.

The significance of this achievement cannot be overstated, highlighting Arshdeep’s skill, composure, and ability to make an impact when it matters most.

arshdeep singh family

What sets Arshdeep apart is not just his ability to deliver a maiden over but his consistent performance and versatility on the field.

As a left-arm medium-fast bowler, he brings a unique dimension to the game, keeping batsmen on their toes with his strategic deliveries.

His left-handed prowess as a lower-order batter adds depth to his cricketing repertoire, making him a valuable asset for any team.

When the IPL season kicks in, Arshdeep transitions seamlessly to don the jersey of Punjab Kings. The electrifying atmosphere of the IPL, combined with Arshdeep’s skills, adds a layer of excitement for fans eagerly cheering for their team.

His presence in the squad elevates the team’s bowling attack and provides a reliable option in the lower order, contributing to the overall balance and strength of Punjab Kings.

SMAT 2023 Final: Secures Impressive 4/23 against Baroda

In a riveting showdown during the SMAT 2023 final, Arshdeep Singh showcased his exceptional cricketing prowess by delivering a stellar performance, clinching impressive figures of 4/23 against the formidable Baroda team.

This extraordinary feat not only highlights Singh’s bowling prowess but also underscores his crucial role in steering his team to victory.

A memorable spell from Arshdeep

In a high-scoring match that saw a total of more than 400 runs and an economy rate exceeding eight for most bowlers, Arshdeep delivered a standout performance.

Over the course of four overs, he conceded only 23 runs while taking an impressive four wickets.

arshdeep singh smat win

Arshdeep’s stellar display unfolded during the crucial slog overs. His first victim was Abhimanyu Rajput, whom he dismissed with finesse.

Following this, Arshdeep showcased his skill by removing both Krunal and Shivalik Sharma in back-to-back deliveries, leaving the opposition reeling.

Disclosing his wickets tally in the SMAT

Arshdeep has showcased his prowess in 21 matches throughout the tournament, managing to secure an impressive 22 wickets with an average of 25.27.

Additionally, he boasts a commendable economy rate of 7.26. What adds to the astonishment is his stellar performance in the final, where he delivered outstanding figures of 4/23, marking his best performance in the entire competition.

Shifting our focus to SMAT 2023, Arshdeep actively participated in nine matches, displaying his skill by claiming 10 wickets at an average of 24.30.

His consistent performance underscores his effectiveness on the field, making him a valuable asset in the cricketing arena.

Early Life and Cricket Journey

Embarking on the enchanting narrative of Arshdeep Singh, we uncover the early life and cricketing odyssey of this emerging star.

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From the simplicity of his beginnings to the grandeur of the cricket field, Arshdeep’s journey is a testament to passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of a dream.

The Roots of Passion

In the streets of Arshdeep’s hometown, the love for cricket blossomed. From using makeshift stumps to hitting tennis balls with that, his childhood was an incubator for the passion that would define his future.

The echoing cheers of friends and family in those humble backyards set the stage for what would become a remarkable cricketing journey.

Nurturing a Diamond in the Rough

Recognizing Arshdeep’s innate talent, local coaches became the architects of his early cricketing education.

The transition from gully cricket to organized training was swift but essential.

Under the watchful eyes of mentors, Arshdeep’s raw talent began to take shape, laying the groundwork for a future in professional cricket.

A Rising Star in Local Tournaments

arshdeep singh domestic cricket

The local cricket circuit became Arshdeep’s proving ground. Representing his school and local clubs, he honed his skills and caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts.

His performances in these early tournaments were a preview of the talent that would soon make headlines in more significant arenas.

Making Waves in Domestic Cricket

Arshdeep Singh’s journey reached a turning point when he entered the realm of domestic cricket.

Representing his state in age-group tournaments, he faced tougher competition, yet his skills stood out.

Consistent performances not only brought victories for his team but also garnered attention from selectors, paving the way for higher-profile cricketing events.

The Glitz and Glamour of the IPL

The pinnacle of Arshdeep’s early cricketing journey was stepping onto the stage of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Drafted into a franchise, he found himself rubbing shoulders with international cricketing icons.

Playing Style and Techniques

In the intricate world of cricket, each player brings a unique style to the pitch. Arshdeep Singh, the rising star, is no exception.

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This beginner’s guide delves into the playing style and techniques that define Arshdeep’s approach to the game, offering insights into the artistry that makes him a standout presence on the field.

The Seam Maestro

Arshdeep Singh’s playing style is characterized by his exceptional seam bowling. With a natural ability to generate movement off the pitch, he keeps batsmen on their toes.

The precision with which he manipulates the seam allows him to extract unpredictable variations, adding an element of surprise to his deliveries.

The Art of Swing

Swing bowling is an art, and Arshdeep Singh is a proficient artist. His ability to swing the ball both ways adds a layer of complexity to his deliveries.

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Whether it’s the traditional outswing or the deceptive inswing, Arshdeep’s repertoire of swinging techniques keeps batsmen guessing, making him a potent force in any bowling attack.

Pace and Variations

Arshdeep’s playing style is not limited to seam and swing alone; he brings pace and variations to the table. The contrast between his deliveries keeps batsmen off-balance.

arshdeep singh variation king

A well-disguised slower ball or a sudden acceleration in pace showcases his ability to adapt and adds layers to his bowling strategy.

Precision in Line and Length

Consistency in line and length is the backbone of Arshdeep Singh’s bowling. His ability to hit the right areas consistently puts pressure on batsmen and creates opportunities for breakthroughs.

The unwavering accuracy with which he places the ball makes him a captain’s reliable go-to bowler in various game situations.

Tactical Intelligence on Display

Beyond the physical aspects of his playing style, Arshdeep Singh’s cricketing intelligence is a crucial facet of his success.

Reading the game situation, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of opponents, and adapting his tactics accordingly make him a thinking bowler on the field.

Fielding Prowess and Batting Contributions

Arshdeep Singh’s impact on the game extends beyond his bowling prowess. His agility and acumen in the field make him a valuable asset, saving runs and creating moments of brilliance.

Additionally, Arshdeep’s contributions with the bat showcase his all-round capabilities, adding another dimension to his cricketing persona.

Arshdeep Singh’s playing style and techniques form a tapestry of skills that elevate him to a prominent position in the world of cricket.

From seam mastery to tactical brilliance, his multifaceted approach makes him a player to watch.

As we conclude our exploration of Arshdeep’s cricketing artistry, we eagerly anticipate the chapters he will add to this compelling story on the cricket field.

Challenges Faced by Arshdeep Singh

In the glittering world of cricket, success stories are often punctuated by challenges that test the mettle of players.

Arshdeep Singh’s journey, though adorned with triumphs, is not without its share of hurdles.

In this beginner’s guide, we unravel the challenges faced by this emerging cricketing sensation and the resilience that has become synonymous with his name.

Coping with Injuries

Injuries are an inevitable part of an athlete’s life, and Arshdeep Singh is no exception. Battling physical setbacks tested not only his physical resilience but also his mental fortitude.

Navigating the road to recovery became a significant challenge as he strived to return to the field stronger than before.

Performance Pressure on the Big Stage

With a spot in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Arshdeep found himself in the midst of cricketing giants. The pressure to perform in high-stakes matches became a new challenge.

arshdeep singh ipl

Every ball bowled and every wicket taken carried the weight of expectations, adding a layer of complexity to his already demanding journey.

Mental Resilience in the Face of Criticism

In the age of social media, athletes often find themselves under the constant gaze of critics. Arshdeep Singh, too, faced scrutiny and criticism at various junctures.

Developing mental resilience to block out the noise and focus on his game became an essential aspect of his journey.

Latest Example

In a pivotal Super 4 showdown at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium during the Asia Cup 2022, the young Indian pacer, Arshdeep Singh, faced a night to forget.

The turning point occurred in the 18th over when Arshdeep dropped a crucial catch, allowing Asif Ali to escape. This mishap proved detrimental as it completely shifted the momentum in favor of Pakistan.

The game was finely poised as Pakistan chased a challenging 182-run target. At the commencement of the 17th over, Pakistan stood at 148/4.

The tide took a turn on the third ball of Ravi Bishnoi’s over when Asif Ali, in pursuit of the target, edged the ball into the air.

Arshdeep, positioned at short third man, had a golden opportunity but failed to capitalize, dropping what should have been a straightforward catch.

arshdeep singh catch drop

In conclusion, the Asia Cup 2022 Super 4 clash between India and Pakistan witnessed a dramatic turn of events, with Arshdeep Singh’s dropped catch becoming the focal point.

The game, finely poised until that moment, saw a significant momentum shift in Pakistan’s favor, ultimately leading to their triumph.

Cricket, a sport celebrated for its uncertainties, once again showcased how a single lapse in concentration can alter the course of a match, leaving an indelible mark on the players and fans alike.

Arshdeep Singh’s Career Highlights

In the dynamic world of cricket, few stories captivate as much as Arshdeep Singh’s career highlights.

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From dazzling performances on the domestic stage to making waves in the IPL, this beginner’s guide unravels the defining moments that have shaped Arshdeep’s journey to cricketing stardom.

The Domestic Triumphs

Arshdeep Singh’s foray into professional cricket was marked by stellar performances in domestic tournaments.

Representing his state team, he emerged as a reliable wicket-taker, consistently delivering breakthroughs for his side.

The transition from local cricket to the domestic arena showcased Arshdeep’s mettle and established him as a formidable force.

IPL Debut Heroics

The pinnacle of Arshdeep’s early career came with his debut in the Indian Premier League (IPL) with Punjab Kings (PBKS).

arshdeep singh u19

Drafted into an IPL franchise, he found himself rubbing shoulders with international cricketing icons. In a baptism by fire, Arshdeep’s performances, especially his knack for taking crucial wickets, earned him recognition and praise in the high-pressure IPL environment.

The Iconic Maiden Five-Wicket Haul

A standout moment in Arshdeep Singh’s career came when he secured his maiden five-wicket haul in a domestic match.

The feat not only reflected his bowling prowess but also signaled a breakthrough moment.

Cricket enthusiasts and experts alike took note of Arshdeep’s ability to dismantle opposition batting line-ups, foreshadowing greater achievements in the future.

International Recognition

Arshdeep Singh’s consistent performances in domestic cricket didn’t go unnoticed by the national selectors. His call-up to the Indian cricket team marked a significant milestone in his career.

Representing the country at the international level, Arshdeep brought his A-game, proving that he was ready for the challenges of top-tier cricket.

Impactful Bowling Spells in Crucial Matches

Arshdeep’s knack for delivering impactful performances in crucial matches became a hallmark of his career.

Whether it was a high-stakes domestic encounter or a pressure-packed IPL fixture, he consistently rose to the occasion, earning a reputation as a match-winner. Arshdeep’s ability to thrive under pressure showcased his temperament and skill.

Analysis of Arshdeep Singh’s Impact

In the dynamic world of cricket, players like Arshdeep Singh leave an indelible mark with their impactful performances.

This beginner’s guide delves into the analysis of Arshdeep’s cricketing impact, exploring how his skills, strategies, and contributions have shaped the game.

Arshdeep Singh’s Bowling Arsenal

Arshdeep’s impact on the cricket field is prominently felt through his bowling prowess.

Armed with a diverse range of deliveries, from deceptive yorkers to well-disguised slower balls, Arshdeep keeps batsmen on their toes.

The analysis of his bowling style reveals a strategic mind at work, adapting to different formats and situations.

Adaptability Across Formats

One hallmark of a truly impactful player is their adaptability across different formats of the game. Arshdeep Singh seamlessly transitions from the intensity of T20s to the strategic nuances of longer formats.

arshdeep singh

Our analysis sheds light on how his skills translate into consistent impact, making him a valuable asset in various cricketing arenas.

Fielding Brilliance – Beyond the Bowling Crease

Arshdeep’s impact extends beyond his bowling; his fielding acumen is a game-changer.

Whether patrolling the boundary or executing sharp catches in the infield, his athleticism adds a dynamic dimension to his overall impact on the field.

We dissect key fielding moments that showcase Arshdeep’s contribution to the team’s success.

Team Player Mentality – Building a Collective Impact

Cricket is a team sport, and Arshdeep Singh embodies the essence of a team player. Our analysis explores how his positive attitude, support for teammates, and commitment to the team’s goals contribute to a collective impact.

Arshdeep’s influence on team morale and dynamics is a crucial aspect of his overall contribution.

In the realm of cricket, Arshdeep Singh stands as a beacon of impact. Whether with the ball, in the field, or as a team player, his influence on the game is palpable.

This beginner’s guide serves as a testament to the comprehensive analysis of Arshdeep’s impact, offering fans and enthusiasts a deeper understanding of the factors that make him a standout player.

Arshdeep Singh in Media

In the glittering world of cricket, the spotlight extends beyond the field, reaching into the realm of media. This beginner’s guide delves into how Arshdeep Singh, the rising cricket sensation, has navigated the media landscape.

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From interviews to social media, every glimpse into Arshdeep’s media presence unveils the personality behind the cricketing prowess.

Breaking into the Media Scene

As Arshdeep Singh’s cricketing journey gained momentum, media outlets took notice.

arshdeep singh social media

Interviews with sports journalists and features in cricketing magazines provided a platform for Arshdeep to share his story. The transition from being a promising cricketer to a media figure marked a new chapter in his public persona.

Social Media Sensation

In the age of digital connectivity, social media has become a powerful tool for athletes to engage with fans.

Arshdeep Singh embraced platforms like Instagram and Twitter, offering glimpses into his training routines, off-field moments, and the behind-the-scenes life of a professional cricketer.

The virtual realm became a space where fans could connect with Arshdeep on a more personal level.

Brand Collaborations and Endorsements

As Arshdeep Singh’s popularity soared, brands recognized the potential of associating with a cricketing sensation. From sports equipment to lifestyle brands, Arshdeep’s name began to feature in endorsements.

arshdeep singh brand collabrations

These collaborations not only added to his off-field portfolio but also solidified his status as a marketable figure in the world of sports. Collaborations with My11Circle, Chandigarh University, etc. had helped him to earn good revenue.

Shaping the Narrative – Arshdeep’s Media Legacy

As Arshdeep Singh continues to make strides in his cricketing career, his media presence evolves with each match and milestone.

From breaking news to heartwarming features, the narrative around Arshdeep shapes the legacy he leaves for aspiring cricketers and fans alike.

The journey in the media spotlight is an integral part of the broader tapestry that defines Arshdeep Singh, the cricketing sensation.

Arshdeep Singh Salary

Arshdeep Singh’s main financial stream comes from his involvement in cricket, where he generates income through match fees and lucrative IPL deals.

His estimated annual earnings range between Rs. 2.4 crores to Rs. 4.44 crores, with a monthly salary varying from Rs. 20 lakh to Rs. 37 lakh.

In the 2022 edition of the Indian Premier League, Arshdeep Singh secured a noteworthy position as he was retained by the IPL franchise Punjab Kings for a substantial amount of INR 4 crores.

arshdeep singh

This marked a significant leap from his previous year’s salary, which stood at a comparatively modest Rs. 20 lakhs.

The major chunk of Arshdeep’s income is derived from his active participation in cricket matches.

The match fees, combined with lucrative IPL deals, contribute significantly to his annual earnings. His financial portfolio is quite dynamic, with an annual income that fluctuates between the lower range of Rs. 2.4 crores and the upper limit of Rs. 4.44 crores.

The variability in Arshdeep’s monthly salary, ranging from Rs. 20 lakh to Rs. 37 lakh, indicates the different facets of his income structure.

This variation may be attributed to factors such as performance bonuses, endorsements, and other financial arrangements associated with his cricketing career.

Arshdeep Singh No Balls

Arshdeep Singh, making a return after sitting out the initial T20I, delivered three consecutive no balls during his spell. This unfortunate incident resulted in him giving away 19 runs in that particular over.

In the second T20I clash between the Indian cricket team and Sri Lanka in Pune on Thursday, the Indian pacers faced a challenging start, marking a rather disastrous beginning.

Sri Lanka swiftly crossed the 50-run mark during the Powerplay, exerting pressure on the Indian bowlers, with Kusal Medis and Pathum Nissaanka leading the charge.

arshdeep singh

The Indian pacers found themselves in a tough spot, committing the error of bowling numerous no balls, leading to several free-hit opportunities for the opposition.

One standout moment of concern unfolded during the second over, delivered by Arshdeep Singh. The left-arm pacer, making a return after sitting out the first T20I, encountered a series of setbacks.

Notably, he bowled three consecutive no balls in that over, contributing to a total of 19 runs conceded. This lapse in performance added to the challenges faced by the Indian bowling unit.

Arshdeep Singh Stats




4 Wicket Haul

5 Wicket Haul

List A




















First Class





Arshdeep Singh Off the Field

Cricket stars are not just defined by their prowess on the field but also by the persona they carry off it.

In this beginner’s guide, we explore the lesser-known facets of Arshdeep Singh – his life beyond the boundary ropes. From personal interests to philanthropy, join us in discovering the man behind the cricketer.

Arshdeep’s Roots and Personal Background

To understand the person, we begin at the beginning. Arshdeep Singh’s roots trace back to a close-knit family in Madhya Pradesh.

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Despite the glamour of cricket, family remains at the core of his identity. Understanding his personal background provides insights into the values that shape Arshdeep’s character.

Hobbies and Interests

Arshdeep’s life off the field isn’t solely centered on cricket. Like any regular person, he has hobbies and interests that provide a glimpse into his life outside the cricketing spotlight.

arshdeep singh

Whether it’s a passion for music, literature, or a penchant for adventure, these interests contribute to the multi-dimensional personality of Arshdeep Singh.

Arshdeep’s Commitment to Fitness

Fitness is a crucial aspect of any athlete’s life, and Arshdeep Singh is no exception. Delve into his fitness routine, diet preferences, and the discipline he maintains off the field to stay match-fit.

Understanding his commitment to fitness provides a holistic view of the athlete’s dedication to his craft.

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

The life of a professional cricketer is demanding, but Arshdeep Singh strives to strike a balance between his personal and professional commitments.

This section delves into how he manages to maintain a harmonious equilibrium, ensuring that his personal life complements his cricketing career.

Arshdeep Singh off the field is a mosaic of diverse interests, commitments, and a compassionate spirit.

Beyond the cricketing arena, he emerges as a well-rounded individual, weaving together the various facets that contribute to his identity.

As we unravel the layers of Arshdeep Singh beyond the boundary, we discover a person whose story extends far beyond the reach of a cricket ball.

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Most Asked Questions

Is Arshdeep Singh playing world cup 2023?

Arshdeep faced disappointment as he missed out on securing a spot in India’s 15-member squad for the highly anticipated 2023 ODI World Cup. In an exclusive interview with Star Sports, Chawla passionately hailed Arshdeep as the prime left-arm seam option for India, emphasizing the importance of a strong track record for the selected bowlers in the World Cup squad.

Is Arshdeep Singh leaving India?

on Friday, March 17, as Arshdeep Singh, the skilled left-arm seamer from India, is gearing up to enhance his proficiency in red ball cricket by joining the esteemed English County cricket club, Kent. This strategic move was officially disclosed by the club, revealing that Arshdeep will be an integral part of their lineup for five matches during the upcoming summer season.

What is the career of Arshdeep Singh in IPL?

Arshdeep Singh boasts a remarkable IPL journey, having showcased his talent in 51 matches to date. Throughout his IPL career, he has left a significant impact by claiming a total of 57 wickets. His bowling prowess is evident in his impressive average of 27.14, demonstrating his ability to consistently contribute to his team’s success.

Why Surya Kumar Yadav wearing Arshdeep Singh?

The game was originally scheduled to kick off at 8 PM IST, but it got pushed to 10 PM. Unfortunately, a hiccup in the baggage delivery caused an additional delay, and the match finally got underway at 11 PM. Consequently, it appeared that Surykumar Yadav’s luggage failed to reach him before the match commenced, forcing him to don another player’s jersey.

Why is Chahal not playing World Cup?

Chahal expressed his desire to shift his focus towards playing Tests for India after participating in three ICC World Cups. Recognizing the constraints of a World Cup squad limited to fifteen players, he acknowledged the challenge of selection with only a limited number of spots available. While he admitted to feeling a twinge of disappointment, Chahal emphasized his life mantra of moving forward.

How good is Arshdeep Singh?

Arshdeep emerged as India’s premier wicket-taker in the T20I World Cup, securing an impressive tally of 10 wickets across six matches. This stellar performance not only solidified his standing as a formidable force in the bowling department but also underscored his prowess as a specialist in handling the crucial death overs.

Why is Arshdeep Singh famous?

Arshdeep Singh has earned a reputation as a left-arm pace bowler renowned for his precision in delivering death overs, particularly in the fast-paced realm of the shortest format of the game.

Who are the Sikhs in Indian cricket team?

Jaspreet Bomarah, a proud Sikh, currently holds a spot in the Indian cricket team. Preceding him, the team featured cricket stalwarts such as Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Navjot Sidhu, and the legendary Bishan Singh Bedi.

How fast does Arshdeep Singh bowl?

Arshdeep possesses the characteristics of a proficient swing bowler. Typically, when he finds his rhythm, he consistently delivers at an impressive speed, hovering around the early 130 kmph mark.

Is Ajit Agarkar a batsman?

He is India’s best bowler in the west indies tour in 2006. He has showcased some of his batting skills in various matches.

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