6 Dream11 Tips For Creating Winning Teams

Hello and, welcome back to Fantasy Empire 11. Are you playing fantasy cricket for a long time but not getting the best or winning results? Are you making regular losses? Are you kept on following other teams for playing Dream11? The Dream11 Tips And Tricks for creating teams are going to be discussed today.

Today, you will get to know how you can create Winning teams and the mistakes you should avoid while creating Dream11 teams. The hidden Dream11 tricks and tips for creating winning teams will be discussed today.

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Most users don’t know any basics that they should follow while creating your Dream11 teams. The basic information or research that you should do before the match is very key for winning in fantasy cricket.

The mistakes you should avoid while making Dream11 Teams are:

1. Not knowing the pitch report

The basic information you have to keep in mind is that you should know the pitch report of every match. The pitch matters a lot while selecting your players in your fantasy teams.

For example- In Indian conditions, if we see in test matches we mostly make R Jadeja and R Ashwin our Captain and vice-captain and these two are the main players for the team but in conditions outside India like in Australia or England, both Jadeja and Ashwin can’t be made to the playing11.

So this totally depends on the pitch report like if the pitch is a dry wicket or flat wicket or green wicket.

It all depends upon the pitch report and before playing any match in Dream11 and while creating any match team we should always know the pitch report.

Every user always ignores this factor and thus they made losses from Dream11. The most recent example of a pitch report is that K Pandya took 3 wickets for LSG and no one picked him in this team but the match was played on the drier wicket which was a key factor in choosing him.

After seeing his 3 wickets performance Everyone picked him for the next match but We dropped him and he is wicketless in that match as the pitch is a flat surface.

These small things are always ignored by most of the users but these are the game-changing factors.

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2. Never Play one type of contest

To be a profitable investor in Dream11 you should never play one type of contest which means you should not invest only in 3 members league or only in 4 member league. You should play different types of contests.

Dream11 Tips and Tricks

All opponents have different mindsets and strategies for creating their teams and by diversifying your investment in the different contests you can easily win a good amount of money.

You should join H2H, H3H, H4H, 10 MEMBER 5 WINNER Contest, 36 spots contest, 339 spots contest.

So, always try to play these contests in most matches as by these the investment is also diversified and You can easily get the investment back if your team hasn’t performed in that particular match.

If your team performed well in a particular match then it’s a jackpot deal as the returns in 36 and 339 spots are very impressive with less competition.

So, always remember to diversify your investment in every type of contest.

3. Relying too much on stats

This factor is very key and the basic thing you should know while creating your fantasy teams.

Don’t rely too much on the stats. You should always know about the player’s potential, the player’s role, and the player’s technique.

For example- While playing against Srilanka, Ishaan Kishan played very well and performed in every match but Is the same thing going to happen if Ishaan Kishan will face Australia?

The answer is No because against Srilanka he is facing D Chameera, C Kaurnaratne, and L Kumara who are average Bowlers but against Australia, he has to face M Starc, P Cummins, and Josh Hazelwood.

There are high chances that we will probably fail in that match against these GAINT bowlers.

You are going to pick Ishaan Kishan in your team by seeing his performance against Srilanka but this is the Point that you should not rely too much on stats.

Obviously, numbers don’t lie but we have to use our brains here too with that numbers.

One who got this point is gonna rule the fantasy cricket.

4. Choosing multiple role players

Most of the users create their teams by just taking more batsmen and bowlers in their team. They almost ignore the all-rounders.

But if an all-rounder will perform both jobs then why to leave him?

A proper batsman like Virat Kohli will only score runs and a proper bowler like J Bumrah will only take wickets but why to ignore players like R Jadeja or H Pandya who can perform with both?

Obviously, people pick these all-rounders too because these are world-known players but (M Jansen, K Pandya, R Ashwin, A Patel) what about these players?

No one picks them in their teams. So from now onwards always prefer multiple role players the most while selecting your Dream11 Teams.

Making these players captain and vice-captain is a bonus.

Thus if you have any confusion in selecting or while choosing between the 1-2 players you must go for the player who has multiple roles. This trick is gonna work in 7 matches of 10.

So always prefer dual role players in your fantasy teams.

5. Never copy anyone’s Team

You should never ever copy someone’s Dream11 team instead of that always go with your own gut feelings and your own research.

Dream11 Tips and Tricks

As I said, everyone has different mindsets while making creating their Dream11 teams, you should always play with your own brain as a simple reason for this is that If you lose money with your own team you will LEARN from the mistakes you made in creating the team.

But if you are copying the team, you will never learn anything and you will be frustrated by the losses.

Giving time to the matches means doing proper research and while creating your team on your own you always know the reason why you picked that player and even if he will not perform you will not get frustrated or angry as sometimes every player has his luck.

So, always create your own teams with your gut feeling after doing research, and never ever copy someone’s team.

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6. Never feel frustrated in Fantasy

The mistake that all users do is they are easily frustrated after back-to-back losses and quit playing Dream11.

Dream11 Tips and Tricks

Sometimes even in frustration, they invest the whole of their money in the next single match and in this case, they again make losses.

You should never feel frustrated while playing in Dream11.

Every person has his/her luck which sometimes works and sometimes does not. You should never feel frustrated in these tough times.

Even the Fab 4 ( Virat Kohli, Steven Smith, Kane Williamson, Joe Root) have their tough times. If these legends of the game have tough times then why we can’t be in these situations?

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The most important is to keep faith in yourself and keep learning. This is the best way to make money from Dream11 if you learn from your past mistakes and kept on trying further.

Never let yourself down and if you think your decisions or teams are not working take a break by playing practice contests only.

Regain the confidence you lost and thus this will lead you to be a very profitable investor.

These are the basic mistakes that everyone do while creating their Dream11 teams and playing fantasy cricket. You should focus on these points very deeply and think about them.

I hope you like this information and this will help you to win.

Let me know in the comments.

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