Which is the best contest to join in Dream11?

Dream11 offers a variety of leagues for contests to participate in, ranging from free practice contests to paid cash contests. The choice of which league to play in ultimately depends on your personal preference, budget, and level of expertise in the particular sport. Today we will learn Which is the best contest to join in Dream11?

If you are new to the platform or still learning the ropes, it is recommended that you start with the free practice contests to gain a better understanding of the game and how it works.

Once you feel more confident, you can move on to the low-entry fee contests to test your skills against other players.

If you have a good understanding of the sport and feel confident in your ability to pick the best players for your team, you can consider playing in the higher entry fee contests with larger prize pools.

However, it’s important to remember that there is a risk involved in playing in paid contests, and you should only play with an amount that you can afford to lose.

Types of contests in Dream11

  • 2-member contest.
  • 3-member contest.
  • 4-member contest.

2 Member Contest

2 member contests are generally the safest contest in the fantasy. These are head-to-head contests which means 2 players registered their teams in the contest and they compete against each other in that contest and the one who has the most points win that contest.

Never play 2 member contest in dream11 if u want to be a profitable player as the winning amount in this contest is very less and generally, you will book a loss in that contest.

In 2 member contest, individuals generally make safe teams avoiding risks, and most of you will see that we differ from one or 2 players in the team compared to the opponent. So always try to avoid the 2-member contest.

Which is the best contest to join in Dream11?

Example – You played 10 contests having entry fees of 15 which means your investment in that match is 150. let us assume you will half of the contest and the winning amount in the contest is 25 which means you won 125 rupees. Now as you will see we booked a loss of 25 rupees which means even if we win half of the contests we will lose and even if we win all contests we get very small profits.

Play H2H or 2-member contests only if :

  • You are playing with safe teams.
  • You can’t afford to take risks.
  • You want to increase your winning percentage in the Dream11 profile.

    I will never recommend you to play 2 member contest.

    3 Member contest

    3 member contests are the most preferred contest in dream11 and this means 3 players registered themselves in the contest and the one who has the highest points among the three will win that contest. This means 2 players will lose here and one will make a good profit here.

    How To Create A Winning Team In Dream11?

    In 3-member contests, opponents mostly preferred safe teams with minimum risk and this is the reason everyone plays 3-member contests as everyone takes minimal risks in their teams and then competes against each other.

    Which is the best contest to join in Dream11?

    Example – You played 10 contests having entry fees of 17 rupees which means you invested 170 rupees and if you won half of the contest you will get 220 rupees which means a profit of 50 Ruppe and if you win 1-2 more contests you will get decent profits.

    Play 3 member contest only if.

    • You can afford a minimum risk.
    • You want to be in decent profit in long term.
    • you want a safe and better contest for increasing your chances of winning.

    I will highly recommend you to play 3 member contest which will make you a profitable player and I too always play this contest. Join multiple contests to be in profit.

    4 member contest

    4 member contests are the second most preferred contests in dream11 and these contests are risky contests as 4 members registered their teams in the contest and only one will make a good profit in that and the other 3 players will lose their money here.

    In 4 member contest, individuals avoid the safe teams and always play with risky teams which makes this league more interesting as every player will take their own risk and the teams will also differ a lot and this contest will decide your skill the most.

    Which is the best contest to join in Dream11?

    Example – If you played 10 contests having 19 entry fees this means you invested 190 rupees and even if you win half of the contest you will get 330 rupees which is a very good profit and if you win 2 more contests then you will make good profits here.

    I will highly recommend you to play 4 member contest if you have deep knowledge of that particular match and I too always prefer this contest.

    Play 4 member contest only if:

    • You want to take high risks.
    • You have deep knowledge of that match.
    • You can afford to lose in the initial stages.
    • You want to test your skills.

    These are the small leagues that I always recommend to you. This contest helps in making more money than grand leagues. So always play small league and prefer 3- member and 4-member contests.

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